The Bootcamp

The duration of the bootcamp is five months. It takes place Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm.
As part of the bootcamp, you can have a practical Internship in a high tech company.
At the end of the course, our graduates are awarded a certificate and can find a job in one of the high tech companies. 

What you will learn

We will study the basic and most important algorithms for applicative use such as: SVM, K-means, Random Forest and Deep Neural Networks (CNN, GAN, RNN, LSTM and more …).
In addition, we will learn how to program in Python language, as well as learn main python scientific packages: Numpy, Pandas, tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn.
We will also implement the algorithms. We will learn from scratch using only Python and Numpy.
For more details on the course content: Click to get the full syllabus.

About the Course

The bootcamp is tailored for students with no prior knowledge in machine learning but with a strong academic scientific background.  
The number of places in each course is limited so we recommend .registering as soon as possible.
For registration and further details please call +97272-393-5447 or fill  the registration form and we will contact you.

Meet the Team

Assaf PhD student at Weizman Institute, specializing in Deep Internal Learning. Published several articles and lecturer at conferences such as Vision Day, IMVC. Has several years of experience in companies such as Elbit and others.
CEO and lecturer - Has more than ten years of experience developing image processing and machine learning algorithms from various companies such as Applied Materials. Graduate of physics from the Weizmann Institute.
Appeared in Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Guy holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Technion. Co-Founder and VP of Startup 'Litigate' and Doctor of Computer Science at the Technion specializing in Artificial Intelligence

Contact phone 072-393-5447

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